MinistryFocus is a grassroots organization within The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS), founded in 2013 to eliminate systemic barriers to ministry.

MinistryFocus helps ministry leaders focus on ministry.

Our approach is to implement a small number of big initiatives. We focus people and resources on high-impact solutions which have successfully broken down barriers in secular organizations but which, due to cost and complexity, could never be built by local congregations working alone.

At this time, we are concentrating on two barriers to ministry that pose a long-term threat to a majority of LCMS congregations:

  • Burdensome Educational Debt of Pastors and other called workers
  • Inexperience of Lay Leaders and Volunteers

Barrier One: New pastors and other called workers now routinely begin their ministry with burdensome levels of educational debt.

How this affects ministry: When personal debt distracts pastors and other called workers from their work, congregations suffer. Whatever the source of the debt, the result is that people don’t hear about Jesus.

Our Vision for the Future: We will focus specifically on educational debt. Pastors and other called workers may still incur loans during their training, but they will have support and tools that make repayment manageable on a church worker’s salary.

Our Initiative: 
MinistryFOCUS Fund for Pastors and other Professional Church Workers
An Educational Loan Repayment Assistance Program for LCMS Pastors and called workers

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Barrier Two: Laypeople willingly accept new challenges in service to their congregations, yet have no way to learn from experienced counterparts in other places.

How this affects ministry: Leaders miss opportunities to reach the lost. They spend too much time rethinking common problems that others have already solved and, consequently, too little time pursuing the unique opportunities that God has given only to them.

Our Vision for the Future: Ministry leaders from different congregations actively support one other. They connect with counterparts in similar roles, pose questions, and share best practices.

Our Initiative:
MinistryFocus Community for Ministry Leaders
An Online Information-Sharing Platform for Congregational Lay Leaders and Volunteers

More about the Community

MinistryFocus is making these barrier-breaking solutions available throughout.